Klen-Ra shpk Company ia a company situtated in Tirana that operate in clothing industry aince 1999

The company specializes in the production of leisure & sportswear and makes 100% finished product.

The company has management and production capacity to finalize the product in quantity and quality.


Modeling, design,  model development , cutting, sewing, stamping, cleaning and packaging

The products of the company are;

Men's clothing, Women's clothing, Children's clothing such as: short and long pants, T-shirts, sports suits for leisure, T-shirt with long and short sleeves, polo, dresses, skirts, stretches, etc.

Disposable or multi-used clothing : masks, overalls, etc

Materials used

100% COTTON,







The production capacity of the company depends on the model, but according to an average estimate it is 2000 pieces per day with the current number of employees in the company. The company has the opportunity to increase the number of employees and capacity, if necessary.

Production orders and pricing are done on the basis of 500 pieces / model but this is variable, in accordance with the agreement.

The main market of the company is the Italian one but not only.

Over the years the company has cooperated with various clients for the production of mainly brands: EKOI, WGM, SUPREME, PYREX, BERSHKA, ASOS, BOXING, PAPETE, DAINESE, PELOTON, SHOESHINE, LAWLEY, JACOB SMITH, RICHFIELD EETJ, and the OWN BRAND OF THE COMPANY JOHNISPORT.

Some of the Italian collaborators are: Innex srl, GS fashion group, Bengy Company, Dream Project, Baldo srl, Urban Crash srl, Shoe Shine, King Lawley Group, Moda Effe spa, Daddato spa, Grimaldi Industry, Urban Ring spa, Capitex srl, Martes Srl, Quibos etj.


Recently the company has worked for INDITEX and ASOS Company


The company is certified with ISO 9001-2015 and SMETA

Organization ISO 9000 ISO 9001:2015 Certification, iso 9001, text ...